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As we know coconut has a botanical name "Cocos nucifera" belongs to palm family called "Arecaceae" and is abundantly grown accorss tamilnadu, kerala and around the tropical areas in globe. The commonly used name for coconunt fibre is coir

  • Explorer Marco Polo even reportedly called the coconut an Indian Nut
  • Coco coir is a excellent addition to the garden to improve the texture of soil
  • Coconut fiber is connected to strong husk pith that are chemically reactive

Coir definition have also been found from the 11th and 13th centuries A.D. These fibers were used as construction materials in many places. The coir manufacturing industry producing coir mats, matting and other floor coverings, was started in India on a factory basis, over a hundred years ago and the first factory was set up in Alleppey in 1859 by the Late Mr.James Darragh.



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Why Choose COGOGREENS for your Coir Product?

We are having specialized team of making scrub and coir products which are eco-friendly. Our product meets the international quality of standards. Our company value and the growth is purely based on the customer satisfaction and we are always welcome for the sizes of our products based on the customer needs. COGOGREENS is branded for its on-time delivery and for its competative price.

Our Vision

To create an inspiration and innovation products from coconut fibre.

Our Beliefs

In the journey of quality, excellence is the destination. Quality is in its embodiment a method for dealing with the association.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a high quality coir products to the customers. we support natural, organic, agriculture practices that serve and protect Nature.

Aid of Coir Products

Coir improves air porosity in soils, even when wet, as well as improving moisture retention. It has a less acidic soil pH, generally in the 5.8 to 6.8 range

Export codes for coir Products

# H. S. Code Item Description
1 5305 00 10 Coir Bristle Fibre, Coir Mattress Fibre, Coir short fibre, Coir bit fibre, Decorticated coir fibre
2 56090010 COIR SCRUB PAD
3 96039000 COIR Sponge SCRUB PAD


The presence of antibacterial properties in coconut scrubs will help you to prevent bacterial infecttion. It maybe for pooja, food, healthy drink, purifier for RO plants and even used as ropes, sacking, doormats and mattresses. Do you know why and how Scrub pad protects? Do you ever come across coconut scrub pads? Well, it may not look attractive, plastic and steel scrubs which can also cause and made damage while using. Using this scrub will destroy the bacterial infection of the vessels which acts as a protective barrier!

  • All
  • Pith
  • Scrub
  • FlowerPot
  • FloorMate
  • Yarn


Weight: 20 grams| Size: 10x6 cms | Color : Brown

Scrub Round

Weight: 30 grams| Size: 10x1x10 cms | Color : Brown

Scrub Thick Round

Weight: 50 grams| Size: 15x2x15 cms | Color : Brown

Pith Brick

Weight: 3 KG(+/-3%)| EC: Below 0.7 μS/cm | PH: 6.5 – 7.5%
Size: 75x12x2 cms | Volume: 9 -10 Liters Per Kg (Expansion) | Ratio: 1:3

Pith Disk

Weight: 5 KG(+/-3%)| EC: Below 0.7 μS/cm | PH: 6.5 – 7.5%
Size: 100cm diameter | Volume: 15 -16 Liters Per Kg (Expansion) | Ratio: 1:5

Pith Block

Weight: 5 KG(+/-3%)| EC: Below 0.7 μS/cm | PH: 6.5 – 7.5%
Size: 100x18x4 cms | Volume: 15 -16 Liters Per Kg (Expansion) | Ratio: 1:5


Material Type : Coco Fiber | Size : 6X5X4 inches | Diameter Top - Down : 8 - 4 inches | Color : Wooden

FlowerPot bag

Material Type : Jute| Size : 23X15X15 cm | Diameter : 23 cm | Color : Brown

FlowerPot Row

Material Type : Jute| Size : 15X5X5 inches | Color : Brown & Grey


Material Type : Coco Fiber| Size : 50X70 cm | Color : Multi Color

Intricate FloorMate

Material Type : Coco Fiber| Size : 50X60 cm approx. | Color : Multi Color

FloorMate Roll

Material Type : Coco Fiber| Size : 100X150 cm | Color : Brown


Material Type : Coco Fiber| Size : 5 Meter

2 Ply Yarn

Material Type : Coco Fiber| Size : 10 Meter

Yarn Roll

Material Type : Coco Fiber| Size : 100 meter

Process of Making coconut Fiber

Making of Coconut fiber and its product is a time consuming process for coconut suppliers & coconut exporters. The set of techniques deriving for coconut fiber from the husk of the coconut

Coconuts are picked at the right stages to cater the industry needs or the ripened coconut fallen on the ground is being collected and mounted in a specific place where the next process begins.


Harvetsed coconuts are divided as riped cocnunt and unriped coconut , where the riped coconut are sent for Husking and unriped coconut are spread on the ground to dry for a month or more to obtain the the level of maturing for husking.


Retting, process employing the action of bacteria and moisture on plants to dissolve or rot away much of the cellular tissues and gummy substances surrounding bast-fibre bundles, thus facilitating separation of the fibre from the stem. Basic methods include dew retting and water retting.


Mecanical process of Husk involves , crusing the fully riped husk and retted. The matured husk are crushed and damped with water and moved to next process of defibering.

Ripe Husk

Defibering , Process involves in separation of pith nad fiber without any damage to it , later these fiber are cleaned and used for many producets.


Frequently asked question

No, it is fully organic and safe for use.

Normal scrub when we use regularly in soap water it become harboured with bacteria, but coir scrub get dried soon and keeps odourless and bacteria free.

we can use the scrub 10 - 15 days. after that replace another scrub and mix with soil the used one.

Coco fiber is the raw material used to make the coir scrub.

Mix with soil gets decomposed and helps in planting.

No, They wont scratch the vessels like steel dish washer.


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